Thursday, July 5, 2012

Allnighter at the lab

So it's 2:31 AM and I'm sitting here receiving patient blood and urine to be tested. I received a call about noon yesterday (the 4th of July I might add) from a bawling, desperate lady asking me to work for her during the graveyard shift that night. Of course I couldn't say no to a crying lady in distress so I gladly accepted the assignment. However, I was also on the schedule to work the next morning on the 5th so this posed a small problem. My first thought was, "a 16 hour overnight shift? no problem", but upon further reflection I realized this may have been a bad idea since the graveyard shift was for a job that I have actually never worked or really been trained in (asside from a couple days my first week of my internship when everything was new and frightening to me still), so I started making several phone calls to try and find someone else to cover either the graveyard or my morning shift. When I had almost given up, I decided to make one last call and... success! Someone took my morning shift for me. Happy day! So I came in, got a 2 minute refresher/tutorial on all the basics of specimen processing, and have figured the rest out myself with the occasional question to the techs working with me. It's really not too difficult, much easier than it seemed that first week of the intership. Basically, life's pretty good I would say.

P.S. It's also kinda slow right now and since I ran out of emails and news articles and random other stuff, I decided randomly to write a blog post. I know, right?

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